WhatsApp plus for iPhone

Thanks to the versatility of the WhatsApp Plus application , we can install it in any operating system on the market, be it iOS, Windows Phone or Android . The users of the golden apple have not been left behind and are enjoying the improved version of WhatsApp , which thanks to the novelties it shows is very attractive download it.

The developers of WhatsApp Plus as Android can not upload this application in Apple stores, but if you are looking for this application and can not find it, then we will give you some tips so you can get the most downloaded App in the market.

WhatsApp plus for iPhone

In order to installĀ Wasap plus 2019 on your iPhone or iPad it will necessarily be with Jaibreak and you can find it on Cydia , through the BigBoss repository . It is very easy to find the application and it is in direct download mode.

After you have downloaded the application, you must uninstall your WhatsApp Original , taking into account that you should not erase the data, then go to install WhatsApp Plus and immediately start installing on your iOS device, which you must register your name and restore your data so that all your conversations are as you left them in the original.

WhatsApp Plus news for iPhone :

Some of the new features you will have when installing this App on your device are:

It allows you to customize everything you want from the application’s interface, themes, add colors to the conversation, more dynamic images and more.

Hide your status online, as well as we can leave the information to the last hour of real connection without effect.

Disable reception notification: it allows us to eliminate the second view of WhatsApp messages that indicates the correct reception of the message by our iPhone device.

Share music and files on a large scale without restrictions.

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