How to bypass iCloud lock

iCloud Lock Removal service on iPhone

The latest upgrade in Apple’ devices security is the introduction of the iCloud account. Basically this means that even if you buy your iPhone device from second hand seller if you do not know the iCloud credentials then you practically have a stolen device. So what to do when you are this kind of situation? A lot of people nowadays buy their iPhone or iPad devices directly from eBay or another online selling market and in most cases these are devices which have iCloud Activation Lock. So in this situation there is a need of iCloud bypass tool because the Activation Screen will prevent the user from using the iPhone 6,6+,5S,5C,5,4S,4 or the iPad by simply erasing it.

Ways to solve iCloud Locked iPhones

In this case there are two possible ways to solve this issue to Bypass iCloud Lock from iPhone and make the iPhone device and iCloud account usable again. The simplest solution to solve this problem is to take your device to an Apple store with ownership proof and to perform iCloud Lock Removal. But in some cases this is not possible so you will need to use the second method. There are also iCloud Activation Lock removal services which specializes in Bypass iCloud Lock which enables the users to use their iPhone devices as if they were newly purchased.

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